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The International Viper Registry in Teamed up with the Viper Registry to bring you the Best source of information on Viper Build data. Regretfully, the Viper Registry has closed, however, that data collected upthrought 09/30/2020 is still available on their site.

The International Viper Registry is a not-for-profit organization which acts as a vehicle registry in the classical definition of the term. The Registry's function is to gather, accumulate, organize and maintain vehicle histories relative to specific Viper vehicle identification numbers (VIN). This information is useful to owners and prospective owners alike. Registry information is obtained through contributions from owners, enthusiasts, vehicle manufacturers, and interested individuals. The types of information maintained by a registry include, but are not limited to, the following:

Andy Savakinas
(707) 872-7871
[email protected]

Original vehicle specifications:
  • Ownership history
  • Interior trim color
  • Exterior trim color
  • Vehicle options
  • MDH
Vehicle modifications:
  • Color changes
  • Performance modifications
Vehicle documentation:
  • Manufacturers Statement of Origin
  • Build sheets
  • Window stickers
Available photographs

Competition history:
  • Events entered
  • Race results
  • Driver names
Manufacturer change data:
  • Running production changes
Dealership information:
  • Original Dodge MSO dealer
  • Date purchased
  • Dealer purchased from
    (if different from MSO dealer)
  • Dealership electronic mail documents
Owner information and comments:
  • Personal experiences


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